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Safety of ingco tools hand tools and power tools

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INGCO tools hand and power tools are a regular part of our daily life, and this is true In almost all branches. Putting the world in your own hands will make your job easier. With these tools, we can easily perform tasks that you would otherwise do. Whether it is difficult or impossible. However, these simple tools can and can be dangerous Risk of serious injury due to improper use or maintenance. Safety of ingco tools, hand tools and power tools is The best of INGCO’s special tools Attention to the safety of hand and power tools is necessary to These are the risks. When eliminating or avoiding hazards, employees must learn to recognize them Risks associated with different types of tools and security measures. These risks must be avoided. Hand tools do not work. Ingco tools include everything from buckets to wrenches. Bee The greatest dangers of hand tools are misuse and improper maintenance. A few examples:

Hand Tools, power tools and safety tools:

• Using a screwdriver as a chisel may break the screwdriver head. Fly, hit the user or other employees. • If the wooden handle of a tool such as a hammer or ax is loose, cracked or loose. The tool head can fly off and hit the user or another worker.

• Do not use a wrench if the jaw is punctured, as it may slip. Percussion tools such as chisels, wedges or drifts are not safe if present. Mushrooms. General tips for hand tools:

• Wear safety glasses while hammering or cutting, especially when working with them. Cracks or cracked surfaces. Do not use a screwdriver as a chisel. Ingco tools can cause slipping and depth. Deep wound. Do not use the chisel as a screwdriver. The chisel tip can break and cause infection. Do not use the knife as a screwdriver. The blade can break and cause eye damage. Do not carry a screwdriver or chisel in your pocket. If the tool falls, it can cause Serious injury. Instead, use a tool belt holder.

• Replace loose, cracked, or cracked handles. Free hammer, ax or scrap Heads can be thrown from faulty handles. • Use a suitable wrench to tighten or loosen the nuts. Pliers can gnaw corners Note.

• When using the chisel, always cut or chip away from you. Use it with a soft tip Hammer or hammer to hit the chisel handle. Hammer or metal hammer He could split the handle. Do not use a wrench with the jaws open.

• Do not use percussion tools such as chisels, plugs or pins if their heads are too The shape of the mushroom. Heads can break on impact. • Point saw blades, knives and other tools away from the roadway and other areas. Staff members.

• Keep knives and scissors sharp. Discolored instruments are more dangerous than sharp instruments. Power tools can be dangerous if misused. There are different kinds Power tools, depending on the power source used: electric, pneumatic, liquid, fuel, Hydraulic and powder. Employees must be trained to exercise full authority. Tools. They must understand the potential risks and precautions. Avoid these risks. Injury due to improper use can lead to amputation, Vision loss, hearing loss, seizures, and even death. General power tool safety:

• Read all manufacturer’s instructions before using the instrument and follow all safety procedures. Guidelines. Make sure all guards are in place and in good condition. Always use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety goggles, face shield, etc. Hearing protection, etc. According to the risk assessment of PPE.

• Do not use the machine until you are instructed to do so. Your supervisor has informed you that you are authorized to work on this machine or tool.

• When working near machines, do not wear loose clothing, torn sleeves or ties. Key chains, rings, watches or anything else that can get tangled up Machines Get rid of long hair when operating the machine.

• Make all settings in the event of a power failure. Never attempt to repair electrical circuits, appliances, power tools, cables, or power tools. Wired if not qualified. Check all portable power tools before use. Check electrical cables,

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